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Playlist: Toxic Church

Toxic Church

  *  Toxic Church Culture
  *  Toxic Church Detox
  *  Toxic Church -Moving Beyond Hurt
  *  Toxic Church -God Of The 2nd Chance
Playlist: I Understood The Assignment

I Understood The Assignment

  *  Assignment: To SERVE
  *  Assignment: To PRAY
  *  Assignment: To GIVE GENEROUSLY
  *  Assignment: To MAKE DISCIPLES
  *  Assignment: To GATHER
  *  Assignment: To FOLLOW
  *  Assignment: To GO
Playlist: Prophets Dale and LuAnn Mast

Prophets Dale and LuAnne Mast

Playlist: Light Of The World - Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

  *  Light Of The World
  *  YOU Are The Light Of The World
Playlist: Simply Invite

Simply Invite

  *  Simply Invite
  *  The Invitation

The Table

  *  COME To The Table
  *  Who Is At Your Table?
  *  Breaking Bread
  *  Who Supports Your Table?
Playlist: Satan's Strategies

Satan’s Strategies

  *  The Lies We Believe!
  *  Who Is Satan Really?
  *  Handling Offenses!
  *  Overcoming Temptation!
  *  Dealing with FEAR!
Playlist: Ask The Apostle

Pastor Mike Servello

  *  Ask The Apostle What We Believe About Spiritual Covering

MY Story

  *  My Story: Yet Unwritten
  *  My Story: Lies We Believe
  *  My Story: You Need Coauthors
  *  My Story: I Was, I Am, I Will Be!
Playlist: Organic Fruit

Organic Fruit

  *  Organic Fruit – Can You Bare It?
  *  Organic Fruit – The Tasty Fruit Of LOVE!
  *  Organic Fruit – Joy!
  *  Faithfulness: The Measure Of Maturity!
  *  Peace In The Midst Of Chaos!
  *  I Want Patience & I Want It NOW!
  *  Organic Fruit – Kindness & Goodness
  *  Organic Fruit – Gentleness & Self-Control
  *  Organic Fruit – Bear More Fruit!
Playlist: Brian Welch

Brian ‘Head’ Welch Testimony

WISE- A Study In Proverbs!

  *  Wise Up!
  *  Wise: The Secret Of Living!
  *  Wise: I Pity The Fool!
  *  Wise: Uncommon Sense For Right Living!

Dive In

  *  Dive In To Your Next Step!
  *  Dive Deep Into Christianity!
Playlist: Mother's Day 2021: Insignificant!

Mother’s Day 2021

  *  Insignificant!
  Happy Mother’s Day! Pastor Joanne Dean at House of Praise presents
  a special Mother’s Day sermon honoring all women entitled “Insignificant!”
Playlist: Take Your Shot

Take Your Shot!

*  My Shot At A Great Life!
*  My Shot At Great Relationships!
*  My Shot At Christian Maturity!
*  My Shot At Mental Health! Part 1
*  My Shot At Mental Health! Part 2
Playlist: Palm & Easter Sunday

Palm & Easter Sunday Services

*  It’s Palm Sunday: Change is Coming!
*  Easter: Our Only Shot!
Playlist: Bachelor/Bachelorette

Bachelor/Bachelorette: Don’t Date The Church

*  Stop Dating The Church!
*  Would Jesus Give You A Rose?
*  The Church Service: Not where I am served, but where WE serve God!
Playlist: Love Your Neighbor

Love Your Neighbor:

*  Love Without Limits
*   Even the Ugly Ones
*  Love Like Jesus
*   Proof of God in You
Playlist: Financial Peace University

Financial Peace:

*  Finding Financial Peace
*   It’s Not About The Money
*  Financial Peace Freshman
Pastor Mike Servello 1 17 21

Guest Speaker:

*  Pastor Mike Servello
Playlist: Vision 2021

Vision Sunday 2021:

*  First Sunday of 2021
Playlist: Home Alone Christmas 2020

Home Alone Christmas 2020:

*  Christmas is the Promise of IMMANUEL
*   You Are Never Alone presented by Pastor Carrie Zusy
Playlist: Coming Soon: Don't Be Home Alone For Christmas

Coming Soon:

*  Don’t Be Home Alone For Christmas
*  ComingSoon -The Sequel
Playlist: Baptism: 7 Bible Facts

Baptism Sunday

*  Sermon: 7 Bible Facts About Baptism With Pastor William Morgan
*  Live Celebration: Biblical Baptism By Immersion
Playlist: Enough - Finding Contentment In Your World

ENOUGH: Finding Contentment In Your World

  •   *   ENOUGH: How To Find Contentment
  •   *   ENOUGH: Thanksgiving Builds Contentment
  •   *   ENOUGH: Adjusting Our Focus
  •   *   ENOUGH: Pursue Peace
Playlist: The New Normal - Kingdom vs World

The New Normal? Kingdom vs World

  •   *   Having Unchanging Values in a Changing World
  •   *    What Does the Church Look Like in The New Normal?
  •   *    Is This The New Normal?
Playlist: 13th Disciple

The 13th Disciple Sermon Series

  •   *    The 13th Disciple by Pastor William Morgan
  •   *    The 13th Disciple by Mike Bova
  •   *    The 13th Apostle by Pastor Lon Dean
Playlist: Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories Sermon Series

  •   *    Jonah – A Fish Story with Pastor Lon Dean
  •   *    The Woman at the Well with Pastor Tim Bakker
  •   *    Adam & Eve with Pastor William Morgan