Pastor Lon Dean

Lead Pastor twitter-bird-light-bgs wordpressIcon2

Pastor Lon is a well traveled international speaker specializing in team-building, church growth and leadership issues. He has authored the book, Setting the Captives Free: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Freedom. All of those things are great, but it’s his authentic preaching style that will keep you in your seat and bring you back for more. Pastor Lon is known for his seemingly contradictory characteristics. He is wise beyond his years, yet young and relevant…entertaining and very funny, yet incredibly serious about challenging others to grow spiritually. He uses creative illustration yet his teachings are practical and easy to apply to YOUR life. Pastor Lon has an uncanny gift of turning a joke into a relevant biblical lesson that you won’t forget…..even if you want to!


After 16 years serving as both children’s and campus pastors at one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S., the Deans were sent to Albany to pastor the House of Praise in 2005. Pastors Lon and Joanne have spent more of their lives together than apart and are still deeply in love. Keeping them in line are their four beautiful daughters, Moriah, Joelle, Christiana and Alayna, who are all active in church life.

Pastor Joanne Dean

Children’s Pastor/ Worship Director twitter-bird-light-bgs

Pastor Joanne is an important part of implementing the vision for the House of Praise. She is currently serving as the Children’s Pastor and the Worship Director. In worship, she leads a great team of musicians and singers that create an environment where people can connect with God. Pastor Joanne also oversees Kid Connection, our children’s church and nursery. She is actively working to raise up the next generation and guide them down the path God has in store for them in a full children’s service that kids LOVE to attend.

Joanne has been a featured speaker at several Women’s Conferences. She also founded and leads the Northeast Woman’s Conference. She is an influential mentor activating many women in their calling.



Pastor Bill Morgan

Associate Pastor/Director of Discipleship

“Ask Pastor Bill” is a phrase heard on a very regular basis at House of Praise.There usually isn’t much he can’t fix, adjust, handle or make a spreadsheet for…! Pastor Bill works diligently to make sure that every person at the House of Praise has an opportunity to grow spiritually. The House of Praise is a church that emphasizes that every person has a next step to take with God. Pastor Bill facilitates those next steps. He has a fantastic, albeit slightly sarcastic, sense of humor and he injects that into all of his work.


Pastor Bill is a Pastor’s kid who understands church function better than most, he has helped several other local ministries. He is a gifted speaker who is involved in many community activities including conducting services at local nursing homes. Pastor Bill has been a member of the church since 2005 and sits on the Board of Directors. He is the first call for pastoral care. Pastor Bill is an avid cyclist and enjoys spending time with his daughter Kimberly as often as he can. In 2016 Pastor Bill Married Deb and the two newly weds are like kids again.


Pastor Peter Bolton

Associate Pastor/Elder

Pastor Peter spent a lifetime working for the New York State Assembly and although technically retired, he spends most days working in and around the church. Today, Pastor Peter, together with his wife Florie, have long been involved with the network of Connect Groups at the House of Praise and are currently serving Connect Group Coaches. Pastor Peter is also a Trustee on the Church Board of Elders. He works tirelessly to maintain the meticulous church grounds and can often be seen riding his lawn mover around the property.


Pastor Peter is an avid fisherman and is still trying to “catch the big one” at the Annual Fishing Derby on Lake Ontario. We think he could care less about the prize but just wants the bragging rights. His infectious laugh and positive outlook on life impact everyone he meets, he has a special gift of making everyone feel welcome. The Bolton’s were married in 1974 having 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren.

Robin Pinto

Business Administrator/Marketing Director

Robin never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would be working for a church. With a 20 year career as an event professional, church administration was not the natural career path. However, in 2009 Robin found herself needing a kidney transplant and her husband graciously offered to donate his as a Valentines Day gift. The miracle of the “perfect match” drew her to House of Praise and ultimately a position with the church where she counts working for the Kingdom as one of her greatest accomplishments.


Robin draws upon her vast experience with marketing, public relations, budget management and fundraising to help her with the day to day management of the fiscal process of the church and managing the marketing strategies. She also oversees the church hospitality and sits on the Board of Directors for the Moriah House where she heads up fundraising and administration for the home. Robin married her husband John in 2006 and together they have 4 beautiful adult children.

Tim Bakker

Music Director twitter-bird-light-bgs wordpressIcon2

Tim is a citizen of the  United States but is a native of  Sout Africa.  Tim earned Bachelor of Music degree in Performing Arts from Stellenbosch University, one of Africa’s elite music institutions.  He completed his post-graduate studies while being the music director at a prominent church in South Africa.   he has directed many music projects around the world including Asia, Africa, Israel and the United States.   Tim is the founder of The Worship Space, an organization dedicated to equipping and inspiring worship leaders and music directors and also a teacher at the famous School of Rock.

When Tim’s not making or teaching music, you will find him loving his wonderful family.  Time is married to his best friend Kate and they have fun and fantastic little boy, Jude.


Church Affiliations

Ministers Fellowship International 
Pastors Lon and Joanne Dean are part of Ministers Fellowship International or MFI. MFI is a network of over 7,000 independent churches which provides accountability, connection, and training.  MFI focuses upon building healthy and influential leaders who will impact their communities and build healthy churches, following Christ as our example.  Accountability and trust are demanded of our leadership and emphasized in our values. 


Redeemer Church 
Pastors Lon and Joanne Dean were a part of Redeemer (formerly Mt Zion) for 16 years serving as Children’s and Associate Pastors. They planted Rome campus and pastored their for 3 years before being sent out to restart the House of Praise.  The Deans still have many close relationships at Redeemer and continue to look to Pastor Mike Servello Sr. as their Apostle.